12 until 14 September

What was once a myth is now reality. In a world consisting of remnants of human technology, nature has adapted to survive and created the Wax Moth, a caterpillar that eats plastic waste.

The world of technology becomes more familiar to us than living forms. The object of the Wax Moth is made from recycled cables and other technical devices. It speaks of the power of nature and its ability to adapt to various adverse conditions caused by human intervention. Nature will prevail.

The wax moth is a caterpillar that develops into a moth, belonging to the Pyralidae family. It is an insect that eats plastic waste. The wax moth is a very good example of how strong nature is. Our object draws attention to this fact and aims to raise awareness about this caterpillar.

This event is part of the Days of Art&Science.


  • Daily starting from september 12th, 2024 until september 14th, 2024