About Days of Art & Science

From September 9th to 15th, the 'Days of Art&Science' will take place.This interdisciplinary event includes various unique activities at the intersection of art and science, completely in the spirit of the city. Each event has its own special experience, such as the Nacht van Ontdekkingen (Night of Discoveries), Brave Young Minds and Brave New World.

Art&Science as catalyst

“The Days of Art&Science aims to join forces of several organizers and to provide a platform for artists and scientists who combine art and science in their own unique way,” says Alexander Mouret, program director of the Days of Art&Science . “At the same time, it should be a catalyst for a conversation with a wide audience about the future of our society and the role of art and science”.

Varied program

The 'Days of Art&Science' offers a varied multi-day program for a broad target group. A combination of the most diverse events ensures that children, students, scientists and culture makers are addressed by multiple parts of the programme. Existing events such as Brave New World and the Nacht van Ontdekkingen are included in 'Days of Art & Science'. 

Future perspective

With the Days of Art&Science, Leiden wants to create a distinctive multi-day program at the cutting edge of Art&Science. “A great ambition”, says Martijn Bulthuis, director of Leiden&Partners and also initiator. “We aim to become a leading label known for innovative and groundbreaking events. A place where young scientists and artists get the chance to present their work and inspire a wide audience. With this we want to foster the dialogue between art and science and contribute to the development of new insights and applications in the field of art, science and technology”. This year, the organization carefully starts getting the name known and programming and bundling existing activities. 

The 'Days of Art&Science' is an initiative of cultural entrepreneur and program director Alexander Mouret and is supported by Leiden&Partners, together with Leiden University, Leiden Kennisstad and Cultuurfonds Leiden