Echoes of Nature

9 until 15 September

'Echoes of Nature' is a collaborative art project that aims to explore the relationship through the lens of five diverse artists with the same overarching fascination and artistic methodology: art-based research.

The starting point is science and knowledge, but the research method is artistic. ‘Artistic research’ is an art practice that is driven by experiment, curiosity, and questions. The five artists each work on a self-chosen subject within the theme, and the diverse fascinations and materials make each of these investigations unique.

The result of this project is four authentic perspectives and translations in the form of visual artworks. By using art-based research methods, the project aims to shed light on current issues while simultaneously fostering dialogue, reflection, and engagement with our natural world.

This event is part of the Days of Art&Science.


  • Daily starting from september 9th, 2024 until september 15th, 2024